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Vertical Training

Increased Explosion. Increased Speed. Increased Playing Time

The Vertimax Program can develop into an extraordianary player

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Basketball Combine Training -Vertimax

Vertical Training

what we offer is a program designed to increase
the player explosion along with the following:

• Slash your reaction time by half
• Increase your lateral speed exponentially
• People will wonder how are you able to jump this high
• Become more dominant on the court
• Score more points by out jumping defenders
• Force your coach to give you more court time
• Get you noticed by scouts
• Have other teams put you at the top of their scouting report
• Give you explosive power like LeBron.
• Finishing around the rim
• Let you block shots
• Grab more rebounds

…and perhaps even get you a full scholarship.

With These Skills You Can Become The Type Of Player People Cannot Take Their Eyes Off, Holding Their Breath To Catch Your Next Move…


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Vertical Training