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Basketball Combine Training, is an all year fundamental  basketball skill development training academy for beginner and elite athletes .We provide skills training in the Greenville and Spartanburg SC Area. Basketball Combine Training mission is to motivate our athletes with quality systems of training while providing innovative training development techniques for athletes of all ages and skill levels. With the use of skillful research programs for the improvement of athletes fundamental basketball skill-set is a key base component for Basketball Combine Training.

Our trainers evaluate each players game, and offers strategic and precise suggestions that can better educate and expand each athletes growth in the game of basketball. Teaching the tangibles and improving the fundamentals of the game of basketball while showing the blue print of what is needed to excel each athletes game to another level is our main passion and goal.

Basketball is no longer a ‘sometime’ sport, especially for those interested in developing into a well-rounded player who eventually will contribute at the middle and high school level, setting the stage for a potential college career.  Our curriculum is designed to give each player the necessary tools to compete and excel as they progress through their youth basketball career.

With the continued rise of basketball at the local and global levels, the competition is only getting more fierce even at the grade school level. Are you prepared? At Basketball Combine Training, each participant will be introduced to the concepts and fundamentals that will continue to keep him/her ahead of the competition, providing every advantage to excel at any level and compete.

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"The hardest worker and the most prepared plays the most minutes"

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Private training is a perfect way to get one-on-one attention and improve individual skills. Form mechanics, ball handling, speed, agility, and quickness are the cornerstones of this particular training. Each workout is customized to attack the individual’s specific needs and career enhancement. Each lesson is one hour.

Player to coach ratio 1:1


Skill work is broken down into position specific dynamic drill sequences (i.e. dribbling and attack moves in addition to speed, agility and quickness), which focus on each player’s unique performance goals. We will complete all sessions with competition. Unlike private training, our semi-private training will allow each student-athlete an opportunity to compete against another player of similar age, size, and ability.

Player to coach ratio 4:1


This intense workout offers a cutting edge small group training that will maximize the skill development, skill consistency, knowledge and understanding of each student-athlete. Workouts will stress endurance, agility, and skill development drills getting each student-athlete in tremendous game shape for any full court action. The goal is to offer every player something they need to get better – hard work, repetition and a competitive edge.

Player to coach ratio 10:1


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Timmy is our master trainer for our young players. Timmy brings a ton of energy and he loves making young players better.

If you are Tiny like Timmy then come in and schedule a session with Timmy.


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